Demonetisation: Indelible ink mark for currency exchange

eco affairs secy

Bhubaneswar: The Economics Affairs secretary, Shaktikanta Das today announced that people who are exchanging older currency will be inked with an indelible mark on their fingers like that during voting so that the same people do not keep returning to various branches to exchange money.

Instructions from the government have been changing every now and then with more updates everyday revealing the lack of planning behind the draconian demonetisation move.

Today Das announced fresh updates and instructions and made few appeals to people. Some of them are:

  1. People who exchange old currency to collect upto Rs 4,500 will be marked with an indelible ink on their fingers to keep a track and ensure they do not visit other branches again
  2. Government appealed Jan Dhan users not to help those with high cash by depositing it in their accounts. The accounts are being closely monitored.
  3. Government is also tracking the donations at religious places since most of them include unaccountable cash
  4. Supply and availability of essential commodities very closely monitored
  5. Cabinet secretary to head a monitoring group alongwith major bank officials to ensure smooth transformation after demonetisation
  6. Social media is rife with false stories of fake notes. No such incidents have occurred.
  7. Enough notes in system so no need to panic. Government is proactively monitoring the situation.

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