Demonetisation effect on Chhadakhai: Lesser rush in non veg market than last year

no rush for Chhadakhai

Bhubaneswar : Marking the end of the holy Odia month of Kartik, people across the state jostle for space in the non vegetarian marker to buy mutton, chicken, egg and fish on the occasion of Chhadakhai every year. But with the ongoing demonetization consequences everywhere, the rush is much less compared to previous years while the queues outside banks and ATMs are growing longer. This has hampered the Chhadakhai business of the fish market and the other non-veg selling outlets who are far from using card payments.

In Odia culture, Chadakhai is a big feast after observation of religious vows and vegetarian diet for the entire month of Kartik. While change in Rs 100 notes is considered precious at present affecting the sales at non veg markets, the cultural belief of observing Tuesday as a vegetarian day has also impacted the non veg sale since Chhadakhai has fallen on a Tuesday. With Wednesday being Sankranti and Thursday another vegetarian day for most Odias, Chhadakhai will be  observed on Friday by many.

The local fish markets in Bhubaneswar looked only slightly busier than any other day with much lesser people than previous years when market prices of fish, mutton and chicken used to shoot up. On Tuesday, the rates were almost same as the days before in the Twin City.


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