Demonetisation : Different variant new notes !


New Delhi: As Centre prioritises with relentless efforts to curb counterfeiting of currency by bringing in new Rs 500 and 1K notes in place of old scrapped ones different variants of the RBI Rs 500 notes have been seen leading to more and more confusion amid times of cash shortage which has given citizens real reason for headache.

New case studies from sources confirmed instances of new notes which were found to vary from one another. Abshar a Delhi resident said there was more than one visible shadow of Gandhi’s face, alignment issues, problems in serial numbers, sources quoted him saying.different 2K notes

Instances of such different varieties of Rs 2 K notes also circulated the online social media some pointed out differential border sizes while another Mumbai resident noted that notes were differently shaded.

RBI Spokesperson Alpana Killawala said such instances could be credited to printing defect and pressure amid rush to print currencies. So one can freely accept one or return it to RBI, he added.

Meanwhile, in another development Nepal has banned use of India’s new Rs 500 and 2K currencies terming them as ‘unauthorised and illegal’. The Nepal Rastra Bank said those new notes will be legal only when India issues a notification under the Foreign Exchange Management Act.

The RBI has eased currency exchange of defunct Rs 500 and 1K notes by setting up a task force.

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