Country’s largest flag to be hoisted in Belagavi today


Belagavi: The largest national flag in the country being hoisted by Belagavi Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi, on Monday morning at the fort lake Belagavi, Indo-Pak Attari Border.

Belagavi North MLA Feroz Sait said, the national flag —which is 110m (365 feet) high from the base plate to the top. The size of the flag is 120X80 ft, the flag will weigh 500kg, the thickness of the rope is 8mm, and the flag will be hoisted through an electro-mechanic operating system.

Sait said, the flag mast was manufactured with galvanised sheet and coated with PU painting. The total weight of the flag mast is 36 tonne, India’s tallest tri-colour was in Pune, the height of which is 107m from base to the top umbrella followed by Attari-Wagah border, which is 105m in height from base to top umbrella.

Reportedly, Sait noticed that people along with flags representing different caste, community, religion or languages are fighting among themselves, he planned to set the tallest national flag in the country which will keep reminding them that priority of nation was above everything.

Sait clarified that it has not been established to attract tourists, but to refresh patriotism which is within all Indians. He said that just not on August 15 or January 26, the flag will be fluttering there round the clock and people passing by will salute it whether it may be day or night and the cost of the project of establishing the tallest flag mast is `1.65 crore.

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