Commissionerate Police launches traffic web portal

Commissionerate Police

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to regulate traffic measures in the Cuttack and Bhubaneswar as well as to bring transparency among the twin city denizens, the traffic wing of Commissionerate police on Monday launched a web portal to sensitize people about road safety.

Inaugurating the website— www.bhubaneswarcuttacktrafficpolice.in , Commissioner of police, YB Khurania said to the media, “In order to create awareness among the mass on the road safety issues, this web portal has been launched. All information relating to road safety and laws has been provided in this web portal.”

The features of this website are-1. Traffic Congestion, 2. Feedback and Contact Forms, 3. Learning Signs and Symbol, 4. Learning Rules & Regulations, 5. Student Traffic Volunteer Scholarship Scheme Form Download, 6. Prepaid Auto Prices and 7. Test Your Skills. Besides, there is also an interface for public feedback.

The Police Commissioner also informed, “We have introduced cooling jacket for our traffic personnel to lower physical discomfort. By wearing it, 10-12 degree centigrade temperature will come down making the on-duty traffic personnel more comfortable in scorching sun.”

He further informed, “During the Assembly sessions, several road get blocked in Bhubaneswar due to agitations. Hence to disseminate information, we’re introducing three Variable Message Sign (VMS) display which will be controlled by our Traffic Control Room. This will inform the general public about the real time traffic position of a particular road.”

Apart this, 16 TVS Apache 160 CC motorcycles were given away to the male traffic personnel for Traffic PCR patrolling duty.


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