CM’s copter delays landing, exec engineer suspended for dereliction

Ama Gaon Ama Vikash Yojana

Koraput: Odisha Government on Thursday suspended Biranchi Mohanty, Executive Engineer, Works Department for gross negligence in his duty which led to inordinate delay in the arrival of Chief Minister’s helicopter at Kotpad in Koraput.

Works Secretary Nalinikant Pradhan said the engineer provided wrong information of latitudes and longitudes of the place to the pilot after the chopper left Jeypore due to which it could not ascertain the exact location of landing leading to the delay.

As per reports, the Chief Minister was on a one day visit to Koraput district for inaugurating various welfare schemes. After finishing his Jeypore programme, he left for Kotpad at around 12.35 and was scheduled to reach the spot after 20 minutes but due to this avoidable negligence the chopper reached the helipad 50 minutes later at around 1.25 pm.

District police had ordered a probe into the incident earlier in the day.


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