CBI Officials return empty handed from Assembly


Bhubaneswar: With the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) asking for details of the vehicle passes issued by the Odisha Legislative Assembly to the ministers and MLAs, there has been a huge stir in the political domain. The CBI’s move asking for the vehicle passes details in connection with multi- crore chit fund scams seems to have caught politicians unaware.

Earlier, the Assembly officials had asked for extension of time for furnishing the required details on vehicle passes. But with the extended time completed on Sunday, the CBI officials are still not successful in getting the information from the concerned authorities in the Assembly. As per information, after making a day long visit, an official from CBI returned empty handed with hardly any trivial details from the Assembly officials.

Meanwhile, the Assembly officials say they are doing their best to provide the updates to the CBI. Sources said, with regular visits the CBI has been able to collect some details, but much information is yet to be received.

With the information that some vehicles were gifted to politicians by the scammed chit fund firm, Artha Tatwa during the election campaign in 2014, CBI has widened the scope of it’s investigation in regard to the major chit fund scam probe.

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