Politicians read CBI’s MLA/Min vehicle pass scrutiny as preparation for Amit Shah visit


Bhubaneswar : Ahead of Panchayat elections in Odisha, Bharatiya Janata Party is set to organise a large meeting , “Maha Samavesh”, where the party president, Amit Shah will join the event on November 25. In the same context, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)’s move to scrutinize the vehicle passes of ministers and Member of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) has shocked everyone in the political arena.

The exclusive report of “Pragativadi” regarding CBI asking for the details of the vehicle passes issued to the ministers and MLAs during the period 2010 to 2013 has alarmed almost all the political leaders across the state. All the MLAs and ministers of the fourteenth Assembly are apprehending the real intention of such a move by the CBI.

Excluding the ruling CM and the opposition leader, CBI has asked for the minute details of vehicle passes of all the ministers and MLAs. It elucidates that CBI with its ongoing investigation of various chit fund scams is now probing the other influentials associated with the firms. It also seems that to get hold of such influentials, CBI has opted for this process keeping in mind the earlier complaints against the ministers and MLAs being linked with the chit fund firms.

It is somewhat clear that CBI is looking for the particular ministers and MLAs who have accepted the vehicles from the chit fund firms. Earlier some politicians were alleged to be using the vehicles offered by the scammed Artha Tattwa chit fund firm. CBI is now actively collecting evidences against the same.

Political critics have said that CBI’s move is a preparatory step keeping in view Amit Shah’s visit on November 25 because last year similar steps were taken during Shah’s visit to the state.

The special move by CBI has brought varied reactions from the three major political parties of the state. Opposition party leader Tara Prasad Bahinipat has said that CBI can only proceed with their move subject to correct information provided by the Assembly. While BJP spokesperson Sajjan Sharma has said that it is the right drive by the CBI to find out if the ministers and MLAs are using the vehicles with their black money or white money. He also laid stress for proving right information to the CBI. BJD spokesperson MLA Pratap Jena has said that there is definitely a purpose behind CBI asking for the details of the vehicles including the ownership of the vehicles, registration number of the vehicles and also said that CBI should be supported with the required documents.

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