BJP pledges to build ‘New Odisha’


Baripada: The BJP, on the first day of its two-day State executive meeting here, shouted a slogan of “New India, New Odisha” and vowed to build a new, strong, resurgent and vibrant Odisha, once it comes to power in the State.

BJP’s Odisha unit which began its two-day state executive meeting at Baripada in tribal-dominated Mayurbhanj district claimed that the party-led NDA Government is keen to ensure rapid prosperity of the state and its poor people.

In one of its resolutions passed at its meeting on Saturday in the Shahid Smruti Bhawan, the party renewed its commitment to build an Odisha, where every village and every home shall have basic and modern amenities like, house, electricity, safe drinking water, toilets and easy access to education and health. The saffron party also emphasized on proper utilization of Jan Dhan, Jal Dhan and Van Dhan.

Stating that the Narendra Modi government is taking steps for building a new India marked by speedy development and good governance, BJP said the Centre’s effort would also pave the way for ushering in a new Odisha where all sections of the society would be benefit immensely.

Besides fulfilling the dreams of unemployed youths, the policies of NDA government would go a long way in meeting the aspirations of women in Odisha, the party said adding the poor would no longer have to depend on the mercy of government as they would get ample opportunities to march ahead.


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