BJD-Cong alliance : BJD chief seeks clarification from Bhartuhari for making comments


Bhubaneswar: BJD supremo and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Friday sought explanations from party Member of Parliament (MP) Bhartuhari Mahatab for his wayward comments on possible BJD- Congress alliance in front of media against the party’s general consensus and without taking his consent.

Patnaik has asked for clarification from the senior leader to keep his views on the issue.

Notably, on November 2, Mahatab commented that to tackle the rising BJP a possible alliance with the weakened Congress could not be ruled out in the coming days. Since the Congress is not strong it used to be especially looking at the national scene so there is nothing dangerous to tie up with it to fight back the BJP, he said.

“The next UP polls would determine BJD’s strategy. As Congress has looked at the general welfare of the people of Odisha, BJD could form a part of the grand alliance against the BJP,” Mahatab said.

The next day the CM ruled out any such equation of alliance saying that since the Congress has always neglected the people of Odisha there is no possibility of alliance.

Adding fuel to fire, Mahatab created further controversies while saying that media has exaggerated his comments misinterpreting him. He further said his comments were made while looking at the national level political scenario and that he had given such a statement as his personal comments which the CM had rejected.

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