Bhubaneswar Bandh: BJD workers beat BJP picketers

violence during bandh

Bhubaneswar: BJP’s 12 hour Bhubaneswar Bandh saw BJD workers’ violence on the streets of the capital city on Wednesday. The attack on BJP workers by BJD groups were happening right in front of the police. BJP had called for the Bandh to protest against Mayor Ananta Narayan Jena’s alleged involvement in a sex scandal and murder of engineering student Rishi.

The day started off with most of shops and vehicles shut in the city while BJP members were waiting on the streets to ask commuters to return to support the Bandh. Buses and trucks were not moving at all whereas ambulances, school and college buses were not being stopped by BJP members picketing a cross the city. The Secretariat also continued to work as usual.

Soon the scenes of violence emerged. Police first chased the picketing members of BJP while some mebers were even arrested before even picketing. Later, BJD student leader Chinmay Sahu led over 200 student members of BJD and began attack over BJP members from Vani Vihar.

The BJD group also damaged the vehicle of BJP leader Bhrugu Buxipatra at Shahid Nagar and went ahead on a motor cycle rally through Ram Mandir to Master Canteen continuosuly attacking BJP protesters in front of police. Later, BJP workers beat up BJD student members in reply around the BJP office near Ram Mandir.


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