Bengaluru barber buys Mercedes-Maybach worth Rs 3.2 cr


Bengaluru: No business is small or big. But the thing is that we should look real passion. Ramesh Babu, a barber from Bengaluru who gives haircuts for Rs 75 and collects luxury cars that he also rents out.

As per sources, Ramesh bought the Mercedes-Maybach worth Rs 3.2 crore in last month which he got imported from Germany. After Vijay Mallya and a builder, he is only the third person in the city known to have imported this car.

The rest of his illustrious collections include a Rolls Royce, 11 Mercedes, 10 BMWs, three Audis, and two Jaguars.

When his father died in 1979, Ramesh was nine and very poor. He quit studies and like his father became a full-time barber.

He became a hair stylist, subsequently. His fortunes changed in 1994, when he bought a Maruti Omni van and started renting it out. From there began Ramesh’s tryst with cars.

As of now, he has around 150 luxury cars, some of which he drives to work, or rents out if he can find good clients. He gained international attention in 2011 when he bought the Rolls Royce.

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