Banks to protest anti people banking rules

banks protest

Bhubaneswar: The increased fees for customers on banking transactions will be protested by bank employees on April 12, Wednesday. All Odisha Bank Employees Association (AOBEA) informed that banks in Odisha will take part in the nation wide protest.

Charges have been increased for banking services at State Bank of India as well as private banks which include charges for depositing cash after a limited number of times, withdrawal of cash from ATMs after a few times and many other such transactions. The new rules have been criticised as anti people by both All India Bank Employees Association and All India Bank Officers Association.

AOBEA general secretary Prafulla Kumar Tripathy said that bank employees of all nationalised and private banks should join in the nation wide protest which will be observed in the state on April 12 against the charges levied upon customers for banking services.


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