Anil Bokil, the man behind Demonitisation

Anil Bokil behind demonetisation

New Delhi: The demonitisation of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes by Prime Minsiter Modi which is considered as one of the most sweeping economic decision ever made in history of India has caught everyone by surprise creating ripples around the country.

Amid this entire hullabaloo one man could be credited for this boldest decision. Anil Bokil, a member of Arthakranti, a Pune based economic advisory body constituted by a group of chartered accounts and engineers suggested some major suggestions during a 9 minute speech to the PM.

Apparently the discussion was so engrossing that the PM continued the debate for almost two hours.

Sources said, the PM was much inspired by his speech and considered his ideas to constitute this decision.

Anil also reflected on an alternative taxation policy, terrorism, inflation, corruption etc.


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