Amin caught taking bribe in Kalahandi


Kalahandi: Vigilance sleuths on Wednesday nabbed an Amin posted at Special Land Acquisition office, Upper Indravati Irrigation Project in Kusumkhunti of Kalahandi district while accepting a bribe of Rs 30,000 from a poor farmer.

The accused, Tofan Kumar Mahanta had demanded Rs 30,000 from Khirasindhu Panigrahi of Podaguda village to increase the valuation of a patch of land belonging to the latter.

With no options left, Panigrahi reported the matter to the Vigilance and trap was laid. The anti-corruption cops caught Mahanta red-handed while he was accepting the bribe from Panigrahi.

While the Bhawanipatna Vigilance team arrested Mahanta at Motor Square and seized the bribe amount from his possession.


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