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50 million litres of crude oil stolen from India’s largest onshore oilfield


New Delhi: Police in Rajasthan have cracked a criminal syndicate accused of smuggling more than 50 million litres of crude oil inside water tankers from India’s largest onshore oilfield, sources said.

The theft at the Cairn India oilfield went undetected for nearly six years until police in Rajasthan arrested 25 people this week for involvement in the sophisticated smuggling network.

As per sources, Rs 49 crore worth of oil could have been stolen in total from the oilfield run by a subsidiary of British mining giant Vedanta Resources.

In February, police in Uttar Pradesh arrested nearly a dozen people accused of stealing nearly Rs 100 crore worth of petroleum from a high pressure refinery pipeline in the northern state.

India imports nearly 82 percent of its crude oil to meet its energy requirements.


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