More than 1.46 crore children dewormed this year, says Govt


Bhubaneswar: The State will see National Deworming Day on the coming Friday, 10th February 2017. Like every year the government has ensured mass deworming for prevention and cure of worm infestation (technically called helminthiasis) in people especially in kids.

This year the health and family welfare department has provided mass chemotherapy to 1, 46, 53,000 odd children aged 1 to 19 years in all the 30 districts of the state. The government has ensured mass inoculation of medicines to kids through educational institutions like schools.

The process involves treating everyone – often all children who attend schools, using existing infrastructure to save money – rather than testing first and then only treating selectively.

Due to infection of worms inside body lots of health infirmities and complications are generally seen especially malnutrition, frustration, Vitamin A deficiency, anemia, lack of concentration.

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